Maintenance Packages

Annual inspection packages require at least 2 full days. 
Maintenance shop is closed Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

  The Fine Print

  1. 1.Annual inspections requiring Airworthiness Directive (AD) or RHC Service Bulletin (SB) compliance may require additional parts and/or labor. (It’s not cheaper to wait and do AD’s at the annual)

  2. 2.Repairs, troubleshooting, or additional maintenance required by FAA or requested by the customer may require additional parts and/or labor. (If your ELT battery is dead, we will buy you a new one, install it, and charge you accordingly)

  3. 3.Shop labor rate $79/hour

  4. 4.Cracked Windscreens do not get fixed by polishing

  5. 5.Bent sheet metal does not look significantly better with a wax job

SKY Helicopters is a Robinson Helicopter Company Factory Authorized Service Center for the Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters.  When our customers ask, “What does it cost for an annual?”, we are able to answer with all-inclusive fixed-fee maintenance packages.   

These packages include all parts and labor required for an annual, plus commonly requested or recommended actions like track and balancing of the complete rotor system, cosmetic touch-up paint, engine de-grease, detail washing and crud removal, wax, carpet cleaning, and polishing the windscreen to restore original shine and luster.

Email • 214-349-7000 • 214-342-8616 (FAX) • 2559 S. Jupiter Road • Garland, TX •

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