Enrollment Prerequisites                  

  1. 1.Hold at least a current private pilot certificate for Rotorcraft-Helicopter. 

  2. 2.FAA third class medical certificate.

  3. 3.Must be able to write, speak and understand the English language.

  4. 4.Students must meet the requirements of SFAR 73 and be signed off to act as pilot in command of the Robinson R44. 

What is an Instrument Rating?

The instrument rating course is for private or commercial helicopter pilots who wish to enhance their flying skills and learn more about navigation, weather and the air traffic control system. It will enable the  commercial pilot who wishes to gain a competitive edge in the job market, and meet the employment requirements of corporate, EMS, and offshore operators.

FAR 61.65 [Instrument Rating Requirements] [Excerpt]

To be eligible for an instrument rating, you must have:

50 hours of cross-country flight time as pilot in command.

40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time, 20 hours of which may be in a simulator / flight training device.

1 Cross Country Simulated IFR Flight of at least 100nm along IFR routes that include three different types of approaches.

Ground Training

Pass a Written Test

Pass Practical Test in helicopter with FAA Examiner.


(R44 IFR available see below rates)

22 hours dual instrument training - Robinson R44  $10,120

20 hours dual simulator training $2,500

40 hours individual ground instruction $2,000

ESTIMATED TOTAL COST  $14,620 (Not including books, examiner fees and aircraft rental for the practical test)


(Must possess fixed-wing instrument rating)

(R44 IFR available see below)

16 hours dual instrument training - Robinson R44 $7,360

5 hours dual simulator training $625.00

15 hours individual ground instruction $750.00

ESTIMATED TOTAL COST  $8,735 (Not including books, examiner fees and aircraft rental for the practical test)

Instruction and Rental Rates


Equipment                                                Advance-Pay Block Rate*                         Pay-As-You-Go                    

R22 Dual Instruction                                    $290.00 / hour                                          $300.00 / hour

R22 Solo                                                     $240.00 / hour                                          $250.00 / hour

R44 Dual Instruction                                   $425.00 / hour                                           $435.00 / hour

R44 Instrument Dual                                   $450.00 / hour                                           $460.00 / hour

FLY-IT® Simulator Dual                               $125.00 / hour                                           $125.00 / hour

Ground Instruction                                      $50.00 / hour                                             $50.00 / hour

Introductory Demo Flight R22                                                                                         $159.00

Introductory Demo Flight R44                                                                                        $209.00

*Pay-In-Advance Block $3000.00