Sample HD Video
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SKY's video helicopters are equipped with a CineFlex 5-axis gyro-stabilized platform housing an Ikegami 1080i HD broadcast camera and a Canon 44:1 zoom lens. (ENG Web Page HERE)

  1. This camera produces High-Definition 1080i images. The deck can record in DVCPRO-HD, AVC 100, or Ki Pro / Apple ProRes 422 formats. Files can be down-converted to standard definition if needed on a Sony DVCAM or Beta SP.

  2. Monitors are installed in the forward and aft cabin compartments, viewable by all the crew. Seating configuration is pilot, camera operator, plus one.


High Def $1750/hr

Billed 1/10th hour increments

Minimum 1 hour

Most Customers supply us with a portable hard drive to bring the files home. If you have P2 cards, we can record to them directly.

Helicopter With Pilot and Camera Operator