The R44 is an inexpensive, reliable, fast, and safe solution for a video news gathering helicopter for your station or network.
Our customers include ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX stations around the country.
Standard equipment includes a nose mounted, gyro stabilized Ikegami 1080i camera combined with a 44X magnification (22-to-1 zoom lens and 2X extender). Clear, steady pictures with no daily set-up or balancing requirements, interior talent camera, exterior fuselage camera, RF broadcast equipment, and an audio/video-switching console.
The R44 ENG has a frequency-agile Nucomm digital transmitter, and transmits HD video in 16QAM or vestigial side band (VSB).
SKY Helicopters has turnkey aircraft / pilot packages available for the week / month / long term. 
For more information go to http://www.videopoolnetwork.comshapeimage_2_link_0
Announcing High Definition Platform
Electronic News Gathering
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