The Commercial  Pilot Certificate (Rotorcraft - Helicopter)

(for FAA Private-helicopter rated pilots)

Enrollment Prerequisites

  1. 1.At least 18 years of age.

  2. 2.FAA second class medical certificate.

  3. 3.Read, speak, write and understand English.

  4. 4.Private Pilot Certificate - Helicopter.


What is the Commercial Pilot Certificate?

A commercial pilot certificate (Rotorcraft) allows you to fly a helicopter and carry passengers  for compensation or hire. The certificate is also for private pilots who wish to continue their flight training with the goal of increased proficiency. The student will be introduced to more advanced maneuvers and hone existing skills to a new level of competency.

FAA Requirements for Commercial Pilot Certificate

    Total Flight Time: 150 hours


Comprising of at least:

  1. 1.100 hours must be Pilot In Command (PIC) in the aircraft, at least 50 of which must be in Helicopters. It may include solo time as a student pilot, and the private pilot check ride.

  1. 2.20 hours dual time after receiving the private pilot license.


       Included in above at least 5 hours in night VFR conditions with at least 10 takeoffs and 10 landings.

  1. 3.5 hours of dual instrument time. It may be included in the 20 dual hours above. It may be in a flight training device.

  1. 4.10 hours cross country time in helicopters.

      Included in above:

    1. 2 hours or more included in the cross country time must be on one flight in day VFR conditions consisting of a straight line distance of more than 50nm.

    1. 2 hours or more included in the cross country time must be  on one flight in night  VFR conditions consisting of a straight line distance of more than 50nm.

    1. 1 flight of 3 segments with one segment at least 50 nm from the point of departure.


  2. 5.55 hours of Ground Time "Typical".

Course Description

The commercial pilot course is for private helicopter pilots who wish to continue their flight training, either to gain increased proficiency or with an eye towards possible future employment. The ground training portion of the course raises a student’s aeronautical knowledge to the level required of a commercial pilot. In flight, students will practice advanced maneuvers, such as confined area and pinnacle landings, and 180-degree autorotations. The development of professional pilot skills and judgment are emphasized throughout the course. It takes 150 hours of total flight time to meet the aeronautical experience requirements of the commercial pilot certificate. This experience may include helicopter, airplane or even hot air balloon time, but it must include 100 hours in powered aircraft, 50 hours in helicopters, 100 hours PIC time and 35 hours PIC time in helicopters. The commercial pilot course is flexible and can be tailored to meet these requirements by building upon a student’s prior flight experience. Students enrolled in this course will have an opportunity to obtain an instrument rating or work towards a flight instructor certificate, while building hours towards the requirements of the commercial pilot certificate. By taking courses concurrently students can save time and money.


20 hours dual helicopter flight Instruction - Robinson R22  $6,000

5 hours dual instrument training - Robinson R44  $2,300

60 hours solo helicopter flight  - Robinson R22  $15,000

55 hours individual ground instruction  $2,750

35 additional hours home study recommended

ESTIMATED TOTAL COST  $26,050  (Not including books, examiner fees and aircraft rental for the practical test)

(For FAA Commercial-airplane rated pilots)

Enrollment Prerequisites

  1. 1.Already posses fixed wing commercial license.

  2. 2.FAA second class medical certificate.


  1. Course Objectives
    This course prepares students for the FAA commercial pilot practical test. Students will obtain the aeronautical knowledge, skill and experience required to add a commercial rotorcraft category and helicopter class rating to an existing commercial pilot certificate.

  2. Course Description
    This course is designed for pilots who wish to apply their present commercial skills to helicopter flying. It draws on the wealth of knowledge our instructors have of commercial helicopter operations. Ground school includes lessons on helicopter aerodynamics, systems and limitations, and emergency procedures. In the air, students will practice basic maneuvers first, followed by more advanced maneuvers such as 180-degree autorotations.

40 hours dual helicopter flight instruction - Robinson R22  $12,000

10 hours solo helicopter flight - Robinson R22  $2,500

ESTIMATED TOTAL COST  $14,500 (Not including books, examiner fees and aircraft rental for the practical test)

R44 Training is available see below rates

Instruction and Rental Rates


Equipment                                                Advance-Pay Block Rate*                         Pay-As-You-Go                    

R22 Dual Instruction                                    $290.00 / hour                                          $300.00 / hour

R22 Solo                                                     $240.00 / hour                                          $250.00 / hour

R44 Dual Instruction                                   $425.00 / hour                                           $435.00 / hour

R44 Instrument Dual                                   $450.00 / hour                                           $460.00 / hour

FLY-IT® Simulator Dual                               $125.00 / hour                                           $125.00 / hour

Ground Instruction                                      $50.00 / hour                                             $50.00 / hour

Introductory Demo Flight R22                                                                                         $159.00

Introductory Demo Flight R44                                                                                        $209.00

*Pay-In-Advance Block $3000.00